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For new horse owners

Horse care demonstrationIntroduction to the Horse is an online course with 15 modules now offered through the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Equine Center.  The course is a "go at your own pace" style with the option to take 3 in person labs at the equine center to have live horse interaction in addition to the online modules.  The course covers all the basics for the novice horse owner or for those thinking about getting involved with horses. 

Topics include: basic anatomy, nutrition, health issues, behavior (common and problem), breeds and colors, horse personalities, safety around horses, leading, grooming, lunging and groundwork with a horse, tack and natural horsemanship. 

Cost of this course is $99.


Horse with rider Past events have included bringing in experts such as Jennifer Truett for a clinic on biomechanics and dressage.

Horse Extension

The University of Minnesota Extension Horse Program provides unbiased, research-based education for horse owners, including:

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