leatherdale equine center and anniversary ribbon

This fall the Leatherdale Equine Center is celebrating its first 10 years of operation. In 2007 it brought together many of the University of Minnesota’s equine programs under one roof. In the decade since, we’ve witnessed many improvements and are looking forward to many more. You can read more in this anniversary publication.

If you would like to support College of Veterinary Medicine equine education, research or clinical service programs, contact Mindy Means at mkmeans@umn.edu or at 612-626-5482.

The Leatherdale Equine Center and its Piper Clinic, along with the West Metro Equine Practice, serve the community by advancing the health, well-being, and performance of horses.

UFC Reflection Garden: Purchase a Brick

We provide clinical services for horses, cutting-edge research, equine veterinary education, and classes and community events. Each year, our clinics, research, and outreach programs are proud to help more than 1,000 horses. Our world-class facilities host a range of events and are available for rental.